We connect ideas, business opportunities and design in order to help startups become sustainable and grow.

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Based on "The Lean Startup methodology" we offer specific services for each stage in the evolution of a startup, connecting the needs of our customers with market expectations.


Focus on the consumer, a startup is an experiment, don't waste resources.

The fundamental activity of a startup is to turn ideas into products, measure how customers respond, and then learn whether to pivot or persevere.


  • Market research

    Knowing the different competitors, cases of success and failure. Discovering insights to feed strategies.
  • Strategy definition

    Understanding what the startup wants to do, why and how, using simple tools and displaying the business potential in future scenarios.
  • MVP definition

    Finding the minimum variables to save resources and speed up the project. What it is the minimum we can build to test whether the idea, product or service will be accepted by the market?
  • Concepts

    Converting abstract ideas into tangible proposals. Experiencing solutions that can be valued by consumers.
  • Rendering

    Creating virtual images so realistic that users can feel the experience.
  • Prototype

    Making physical or digital prototypes to simulate an experience that addresses all the senses.
  • Video / Animation

    Developing lively and dynamic presentations to display solutions that can be understood in minutes.
  • Social Media / Web

    Building an online space to have a first approach to users, presenting solutions and getting feedback from consumers.
  • Test strategy

    Defining a plan of action for performing tests and points of contact with consumers.
  • Crowdfunding campaign

    Defining a launch strategy through collaborative funding platforms.
  • Insights

    Prioritizing and classifying the insights discovered during MVP and testing. Sort and classify information received from consumers and users.
  • Funding Needs / Possibilities

    Defining economic indicators of the project and possible channels of access to funding.
  • Viability

    Studying the technical / economic / productive viability and feasibility to enter to the market.
  • Add value

    Studying and proposing improvements to increase the functionality of the product / service.
  • Pivot strategy

    Learning from the whole process and defining the necessary changes to the project strategy to guide solutions to market needs.

Business models

We know that cashflow is very important on a startup, that´s why we have two business models:


"We want to be partner of the best ideas”


"We offer the best quality/price deal"