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Idomotics is a company that develops both software and hardware to connect technology with everyday life. They approached DMO and asked us to develop a home automation piece of equipment for controlling home devices from a Smartphone in an office or domestic environment.

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    Product Design
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    I.D. Cristobal Papendieck
    I.D. Eliana Segurola
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    South America


When Idomotics contacted DMO, they were straightforward -they needed to develop their product, "Central", as quickly as possible and achieve rapid production deployment.

We understood that the product should connote technology, but most importantly, it should be integrated organically in any room of a home or office, almost unnoticed.

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In a few weeks, we developed the first prototypes and two months later, we managed to perform the first production of equipment that was successfully introduced in the market.

To achieve an optimal workflow, the key was to align the product development at the same pace as the speed of software and hardware development.

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