Innovation Lab

Big companies, Small and Fast results

We accompany the Innovation Lab Team of Banco Galicia on its path of transformation based on innovation. We worked with Service Blueprints and Canvas of Value Proposition.

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    Service Design
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    Martin Boschetti
    Martin Ries Centeno
    Gerardo Barbosa (Globons)
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Having detected some innovation opportunities and the strengths of the Innovation Lab team, we plotted 5 direct implementation insights, the areas / resources involved, the level of impact and how to validate them through a POC (proof of concept) in the short term.

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"We are reinventing ourselves to provide ever greater value within the digital transformation of the bank. And one of the keys to achieving this is a team of talented and motivated people who accelerate change from within. " Pablo Fernández, Chief Applied Innovation de Banco Galicia.

Being the bridge between the Bank and Applied Innovation