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Rytmus, a young company but with a strong background experience, propose us to design and develop the first argentine AED.

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    Martin Ries Centeno
    Gala Aizpurú
    Santiago Lopez
    Eliana Segurola
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    South America

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AEDs are products that provide added value to society as a whole and particularly to the healthcare sector, primarily for cardiovascular patients or patients at risk.

It is proven that used in the first 3 minutes of a cardio respiratory arrest, the DEA generates a 73% increase in the probability of survival.

The main innovative concept is that you can use the same equipment for training mode and when entering a particular code it becomes a conventional DEA. Competitors present a model for each of the modes.

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In terms of industrial development, Rytmus generate an innovative impact in the market for being the first AED designed and manufactured in Argentina. This implies a new technological development for the domestic industry that will enable an import substitution of this type of high-tech medical equipment.

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We developed more than 15 functional prototypes to achieve the highest standards of quality and performance, being Rytmus one of the few devices in the maket with touchscreen.

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Market goals

By 2020, the company projects to compete with the top market leaders, after reaching a high export quality.

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