Axon Run

High performance

Axon came to DMO to develop a photocell for sports seeking to achieve a robust and intuitive product which improves the perceived quality of the brand.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Pablo Ronconi
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    South America


After analyzing the usage scenario and conducting several interviews with the direct users of the product, we defined, together with the customer, that the product represents a precision device and that the key to a successful experience with consumers was to preserve its operation under any adverse weather condition or during transport.

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The final design of the product resulted in a very solid and robust equipment that resists all possible outdoor environmental conditions and upon any eventual drop, breakages are foreseen without compromising the integrity of the lenses or electronic components, both essential elements of the device operation.

The product is so easy to use that only a single power button and indicator lights were contemplated, which confirm the correct placement and power supply.

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