United for one cause: Diabetes

Together with the Argentine Society of Diabetes, Sanofi and DMO we have joined together to build an action plan with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with diabetes. DIABETON began in 2021, after going through two years of a pandemic, where daily habits, diet and physical activity were modified above all, resulting in the inevitable increase in cases of diabetes worldwide. Despite this, the pandemic has also transformed us into more digital beings and we are beginning to notice that technological tools can help us navigate and improve our quality of life.

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The SAD conducted a survey of doctors and people with diabetes with real problems to detect collective conflicts that occur in Argentina and thus be able to develop new digital solutions based on said information. Thanks to the experience of diabetologists and people suffering from this disease, we have identified several factors that are repeated in this pathology. Patients need more support, the doctor's time is limited, the same happens with consultations and often the environment is not prepared either. People with diabetes need support and do not easily find the answers to their concerns in order to keep their treatment up to date.

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We devised DIABETON, a hackathon where 20 diabetology specialists from different regions of the country participated with the aim of finding innovative solutions and concrete proposals that manage to provide real answers to diabetes problems. During three virtual innovation workshops, four teams guided by DMO used the Design Thinking technique and agile methodologies to hack diabetes. They managed to detect the actors involved and the pain points in order to later be able to align possible hypotheses to solve them. All the teams proposed and devised solutions that were validated and voted on in order to create a specific proposal or MVP (minimum viable product) per group.

For each MVP, they developed an explanatory video with the value proposition and were evaluated by the public vote and a panel of experts who analyzed its impact, feasibility and scalability. All the proposals had a very good impact; My HC consisted of a clinical history written by its protagonist in diary format to keep all the records of thier day to day. Diabot, a permanent WhatsApp assistant who answers questions at any time. Diabeclub, a community of people with diabetes, doctors and family members so they can share their experiences and continue learning about diabetes. And finally, the winning project was Diabemóvil -> A digital educational tool that uses gamification to empower patients.

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In progress

At present, we are proudly developing Diabemovil together with Sanofi and the SAD with the collaboration of the medical team that is generating the educational material for the app. We highlight the human quality of each one of the people who committed to the proposal, shared their experience and left their best version to enhance and enrich each project with innovative ideas to provide an improvement in the quality of life of the people suffering from diabetes.