Re- Inventing the kitchen garden

Droponic is a smart system that allows growing your own food at home. 100% fresh and natural. Just put it on the window, add water and see it grows.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Martin Boschetti
    Martin Ries Centeno
    Maximiliano Zunino
    Santiago Lopez
    Martin Borchardt
    Pablo Criado Pérez
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It uses the technique of hydroponics, the same used in space to grow vegetables without using soil. This technology is the future method that is going to be used to meet the growing demand for fresh and free of toxic food.

The app monitors the entire process, warning when necessary add water, nutrients, tracks the growth and among other features allows you to test the natural light to ensure adequate conditions for the plant.

The product is mounted in the window, near a natural source of light, but the pots can be moved independently to be used at the table during the meal or to make them available for cooking.

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The product will be launched shortly in Indiegogo for the global market.
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