Unleashing the power of health data

We co-created, designed and facilitated the first HackathonFSFB 2022 organized by the Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation together with Wúru. 12 teams with knowledge in programming, technology, health, processes and products had the opportunity to hack the challenges of emergencies, stays, transfers and absenteeism by proposing digital solutions and from data to be able to achieve a greater impact for the benefit of people.

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    Martin Boschetti
    Cristobal Papendieck
    Luciana Feo Mourelle
    Agustina Chavarini
    Wúru (Partner)
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    South America


Through an innovation process, more than 50 participants during three days they generated approach hypotheses based on stakeholders, pain points and value proposals focused on users. They managed to build the storyboard of each experience and design a use case as a validation tool using the agile methodologies proposed from Design Thinking. Finally, each team had to defend their project with a presentation before a jury of experts.

Panel 11


"It is essential to involve external actors in our innovation strategy, allowing us to position ourselves within the Colombian health innovation ecosystem, as an actor that allows us to connect capabilities," said Diego Rojas, Head of Innovation at the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá.

Panel 22


Each proposal had to be a concrete actionable solution with the potential for impact, scalability and viability. All the teams stood out by working collaboratively and were able to leverage all their knowledge to come up with ideas that impact the health system and the community. We are proud to be part of the progress of the digital transformation in LATAM to provide a better service in the Health system.