Intelligent Cleaning

Handsecure came to DMO and asked us to develop a device that revolutionizes the concept of clean hands in industry and in healthcare facilities.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Eliana Segurola
    Maximiliano Zunino
    Leonardo Grosso
    Maia Chigioni
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    South America


The protocol currently used to control the sanitizing of hands in the industry, mainly in the gastronomic industry, involves a paper form signed by the person who washes his/her hands. Such procedure is no guarantee and is frequently violated, putting both health and safety at risk.

To achieve a new standard of hygiene, we addressed a biometric record of the person involved replacing the passive procedure by an active one that generates traceability of each employee and allows generating automated, digital and more reliable reports.

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At DMO, we work integrating new technologies into an easy-to-interpret language and an intuitive product for users. In a few steps, the product guides the user to perform the procedure through a display and operating graphs.

Several prototypes were built in order to test the operation of electronic intelligence, ergonomics and product communication. Each instance of prototyping allowed us to refine the product and achieve a simple and compact device.

The idea of the product arose from the gastronomic industry, but its performance allowed reaching other places such as medical institutions or laboratories

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