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BioInteractive Technologies, a TechStars Company, is focused on helping people who suffer from hand injury and impairment recover faster and more effectively; and eventually, to prevent the occurrence of hand injuries. BioInteractive has developed TENZR, a wristband capable of monitoring the hand, wrist and forearm in realtime using proprietary sensing technology. BioInteractive contacted us to collaborate on the industrial and mechanical design of TENZR.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Santiago Lopez
    Gala Aizpuru
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Although there are numerous possible applications for TENZR , the company is focused on the Health and Fitness markets. TENZR can be used to assist people who have suffered a Repetitive Strain Injury, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, regain control and use of their hand, and prevent further injury from taking place.

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The TENZR digital health solution’s ability to precisely monitor the hand, wrist and forearm without the need for cameras, or gloves makes it a powerful tool that can be used as part of many platforms, products and services.

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