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Eccosur is a company specialized in design and development of cardiology equipment. They approached DMO and asked us to work on the evolution of their product, the HT-103, incorporating new functions and aiming to improve the experience around the product.

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  • Design Team
    I.D. Cristobal Papendieck
    I.D. Eliana Segurola
    I.D. Leonardo Grosso
  • Markets
    South America
  • Awards
    Prize Innovar - Medical Equipment (2015)
    Good Design Mark (2016)


A Holter monitor is a device that allows ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring during quite a long time, usually of about twenty-four hours, of a person who is moving.

For patients, the experience with this product is quite annoying because they have to be attached to the device for a full day, including overnight.

After conducting field surveys, talking with users and testing the equipment ourselves, we understood that we had to improve the experience of both the attachment of the device to the patient and product communication to provide confidence and greater security.

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The DMO team worked with bioengineers from Eccosur and a crew of health specialists who provided support during the project to achieve refining every detail of the device, from the enclosure to the experience with the brand.

Various prototypes were built to test solutions and especially the product ergonomics. They were tested under real conditions of use, which allowed us to draw conclusions.

After many months of interaction, we managed to reach the final outcome and accompanied the client in the process of productive implementation, ensuring product quality.

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