Automating innovation

The BGH TP Regional Corporate Marketing Team called us to work from a Service Design perspective in its processes, tools and interaction with other sectors of the company. We work in the detection of bottlenecks and the integration of the digital marketing process and we accompany them in the onboarding of implementation of new tools to automate processes in the area.

  • Year
  • Services
  • Design Team
    Martin Boschetti
    Gerardo Barbosa
    Matías Gaffoglio
  • Markets
    South America



The goal of the activity was to connect the marketing teams of Colombia and Argentina, and experts who collaborate with the organization in Latam and Europe, to delineate the improvements and innovation capsules to implement a technology stack that allows working outside the silos, more connected and open, covering the end-to-end of the process, the automation of tasks and the data governance to improve decision making.

Moving from an intuitive and craft model to a scalable model.