The global context of covid-19 is challenging organizations and how they generate value and wealth. At DMO we also believe that it is bringing out the best in innovation, creativity and co-creation. Collaboration is making the difference. In this 3-day Design Sprint we managed to design a mask that in less than 4 weeks is already in the hands of thousands of people thanks to collaboration between companies.

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Design process

Within the framework of the actions undertaken to collaborate in the health emergency caused by Covid-19, the UNER Faculty of Engineering, led by Bioengineer Juan Manuel Reta, Director of the laboratory of electronic and 3d prototyping, asked us to carry out the Design of a sanitary mask based on an investigation they had carried out on products from other countries and having studied all the regulatory requirements of the local and international markets for this type of products.

In the design process, the analysis of the different use scenarios and instances of interaction was important, since within a hospital environment coexist health personnel who receive a patient suspected of being infected with Covid-19, up to the specialist who is in intensive care performing a high-risk procedure such as intubation in a patient with a positive diagnosis. That is why we focused on making a design that meets the most complete requirements to provide protection to health personnel, as well as to the security forces that are exposed in the streets.


From this collaboration initiative it was possible to:
1. Design a face mask version that meets all biosecurity requirements.
2. Contribute an open-source design to the maker community or other producers globally.
3. As a consequence of all the articulation, a large donation was made in some of the main cities in Argentina.
4. A series of companies were able to develop a commercial alternative in these times, helping to preserve their human resources and economic sustainability.

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