Leading a healthy lifestyle is up to you!

Me.up is an app that empowers transplant recipients by helping them create healthy habits to keep post-transplant treatment up to date in a playful way. Promoted by Sandoz and with the support of INCUCAI, the Argentine Transplant Society (SAT) and the Argentine Society of Nephrology (SAN).

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    Martin Boschetti
    Cristobal Papendieck
    Eliana Segurola
    Luciana Feo Mourelle
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Currently, about 23 thousand people live with a transplanted organ in our country. Me.up's goal is to be able to help patients of all ages to adhere to their treatment by creating healthy routines. According to information provided by specialists, between 20% and 50% of rejections of transplanted organs are caused by lack of adherence to treatment. With me.up we want to reverse this situation by giving support and accompanying the user so that they can generate reminders to take medications, schedule appointments with doctors, schedule physical activities, as well as play trivia and design their own avatar, among other functions.

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Together with Sandoz, we set out to improve the day-to-day life of transplant recipients through gamification, with reminders and good practices. From the ideation process, we conduct interviews with patients, doctors and different associations in order to understand the user journey and transform their needs into application functions.

In 2020 we launched me.up for pediatric patients and two years later, we adapted it for people of all ages. Currently me.up has recorded more than 150,800 medication intakes and is present in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

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Dr. Silvina Alemán (MN 70793.), a nephrologist, stated “In the search to achieve adherence -which implies permanent work- it is when the appearance of digital devices, such as Me.Up, becomes so important, where it is the patient who manages it, strengthening this sense of individual control, making him “owner” of his own progress. It is a very useful tool to regularize habits and help respect the recommendations”.

Me.up seeks to empower transplant recipients in a playful and fun way so that they can keep their treatment up to date and improve their quality of life.