Leading a healthy lifestyle is up to you!

MeUp aims to improve the health of transplanted children and adolescents by proposing a digital and fun proposal that seeks to empower patients in the face of post-transplant treatment. It has the support of INCUCAI and the Argentine Society of Transplants (SAT).

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    Martin Boschetti
    Cristobal Papendieck
    Eliana Segurola
    Luciana Feo Mourelle
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    South America

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MeUp Trasplante Transplant App Innovation Digital


MeUp's primary goal is to help pediatric, adolescent, and young adult patients adhere to their treatment. Currently, 5 out of 10 patients forget or stop taking their medications, putting their organ at high risk. According to information provided by specialists, in Argentina 50% of rejections of transplanted organs in these patients is due to lack of adherence to treatment. This is a situation that we propose to modify and, among other functionalities, MeUp accompanies the user by reminding them to take the medications every day at the time indicated by the doctor, making it an easy and fun adventure. MeUp seeks to empower children and adolescents through a playful, fun and challenging experience, with the purpose of ensuring that they never forget to take their medications.

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MeUp Trasplante Transplant App Innovation Digital


Cristóbal Papendieck, Design Director of Me Up, stated: “complex problems such as lack of adherence in pediatric patients require a change of approach to approach solutions that propose new rules of interaction. The concept behind the app seeks to challenge the user from another place, not to understand him as an irresponsible individual, but using "gamification" techniques to promote motivation, learning, community and above all empower patients to lead a life healthy."

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MeUp Trasplante Transplant App Innovation Digital


Dr. Carlos Soratti, president of INCUCAI highlighted that: "every year in our country hundreds of pediatric patients improve their quality of life thanks to an organ transplant. From INCUCAI we consider that this app constitutes a new way of encouraging children, adolescents and young people to value, support and become friends with their treatment after transplantation, which fundamentally involves taking immunosuppressive medication and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits ”.