Multiparameter Monitor MA-512 / MA-507

Accuracy that matters

Cardiotécnica came to DMO to develop a new user experience and identity around its multiparameter monitors for medical use.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Alejandro Albamonte
  • Markets
    South America
  • Awards
    Good Design Mark (2011)


A multiparameter monitor is a medical piece of equipment used to monitor more than one variable of vital signs determining the state of a patient and alerting medical professionals about any alteration of the normal signs.

The factors of flexibility and adaptability to the needs of different contexts of implementation have been the aim in the design of the family of products.

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Together with the technical team of the company, DMO focused on achieving a balance among technical requirements, safety in technology acquisition and product identity.

To ensure the best possible ergonomics and a wide flexibility in the implementation of the product, several prototypes and tests were performed to achieve the final product.

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The product family managed to enter the market quickly offering a precise, safe alternative and an identity that strengthened the brand. ​

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