Safety First

Lexel Medical asked us to develop a Huber needle with a safety system to avoid stab accidents.

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    I.D. Cristobal Papendieck
    I.D. Pablo Ronconi
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A Huber needle is a hollow curved needle used in medical procedures. The Poly-Port Safe needle is used to allow secure insertion into the Lexel Port and the attachment to the patient´s skin for long-term infusions.

The main challenge of the project was to work on security for medical professionals thus preventing sharp accidents caused during the placement and removal of the needle.

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The new outcome of the product has a concealment mechanism in the needle tip which acts at the time of placement and removal, thus reducing the risk of sharp accidents to the operator.
It has a self-locking clamp on the catheter and a check valve on the end thereof which allows the access of syringes and serum catheters avoiding the use of needles.

The safety standard achieved in the product enabled the company to expand product demand and export to new destinations.

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