Changing patients life!

It is possible to prevent heart failure (HF) in 30 seconds. +15 million people with HF is not diagnosed in the world.

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    Eliana Segurola
    Cristobal Papendieck
    Martin Boschetti
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Process and implementation

Novartis Argentina called us to develop a mobile application so that non-cardiologist doctors can detect early patients with high prevalence of heart failure in the future. Based on Real World Evidence (RWE), Novartis carried out a clinical study with 800 patients in 15 health centers and in parallel from DMO + Globons we developed Innovation Sprints to co-create a digital solution with the same doctors, and we validated it in different workshops applying Service Design and Design Thinking tools. The solution was presented to Paul Hudson, Novartis Global CEO until 2019 and was selected among the 8 finalist projects of the 1st Novartis Global Digital Summit held in Basel in December 2019.