My Pastry Chef

Tigoût is a startup that was born inspired by artisan cuisine, healthy and longing to provide moments of pleasure through accessible premium pastry at your fingertips. We collaborate with the company from the conception of the idea to the implementation and testing.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Eliana Segurola
    Santiago Lopez
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Millions of people enjoy pâtisserie, but they do not know how, they do not have the time or desire to cook. Tigoût offers the best of the pâtisserie in freshly baked individual portions, to enjoy when and where you want.

Through capsules with pre-made dough and an IoT machine, the consumer can enjoy a unique moment, simply and effortlessly. An App accompanies the experience both for the purchase of capsules as well as giving the user the possibility to operate the machine at a distance, to know when his Tigoût is ready or to program the cooking for a desired time.

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