Smart Field

Smartium is a company focused on IoT solutions to strengthen the AGtech sector. They contacted us to collaborate in the development of an intelligent sensor that guarantees the quality control of grain in Silo Bags optimizing security and communication in isolated points

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Eliana Segurola
    Gala Aizpurú
    Luciana Feo Mourelle
    Santiago Lopez
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    South America

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Producers have a real problem, between 3 - 8% of the quality of grain stored in silo bags is lost, due to lack of control capacity related to distance, operating cost and / or practicality. A break generated by an animal, an attempt of vandalism or theft, generates the entry of oxygen into the silo bag and consequently the deterioration of the grains.

The installation of a series of sensors, combined with an IoT network, allows the quality of the grains stored in the bag silos to be monitored intelligently and remotely, representing for the producer an effective tool for control, monitoring and anticipation of corrective actions.

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The lance for silo bag is a product that was conceived to be a work tool, simple in its installation, it can be done by the same producer or employee of the field and especially safe and resistant, considering an environment of hostile use, either by its manipulation as per the climatic factors.

Smartium represents a connected intelligent field vision, integrating IoT networks, through its products and services: sensing> transmitting> monitoring, optimizing the quality and traceability of agricultural production.

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