Stay in touch with your kids

Okie -Talkie

After iterating with the goal of building the initial MVPs of the product, while the startup was incubated on Highway 1, we continued working together in the development of a wearable that connects parents and children in a simple, reliable and unobtrusive way.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Gala Aizpurú
    Santiago Lopez
    Maximiliano Zunino
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    North America

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Okio does not escape the reality of most technological startups, which need to iterate fast, learn and pivot to generate the highest possible value for its consumers.

After making prototypes, carrying out concept tests and studying the viability of the project, all the conclusions showed that the demand exists, is increasing and Okio has a great market opportunity.

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To understand the current design you have to see first the previous MVPs > link. From the results obtained, we worked on generating a solution that is more desirable for kids, intuitive to use and above all difficult to lose.

The Okie-Talkie adopts the appearance of a “walkie talkie” improving the desire and the intuition of its use. The size is increased to improve the ergonomics and incorporates a system of a magnet clip, simple and safe to improve its transport / avoid its loss.

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Support on Kickstarter: September 12th / 2017

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