Thinking Big

Ecolab, being a distribution business company, became a manufacturer of medical equipment. DMO helped the company to realize that organizational change and develop their first product.

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  • Design Team
    I.D. Cristobal Papendieck
    I.D. Leonardo Grosso
    I.D. Matías Pallas
    I.D. Gala Aizpurú
    I.D. Maia Chigioni
  • Markets
    South America
  • Awards
    Good Design Mark (2015)
    1st Prize Innovar (2013)

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The main challenge of the project was to fully develop and manufacture the first ultrasound system in Latin America. First, we worked on business strategy and positioning to introduce the product successfully in the market.

The manufacturing requirement of 85% local suppliers was a challenge for DMO and this fact lent direction to design decisions, without losing focus on the development of a product that could compete with the main market benchmarks, setting up a network of suppliers and ensuring the desired international quality.

In medical institutions, an ultrasound scan is conducted every 20 minutes, so usage dynamics should be very intuitive and should avoid discomfort in the direct use of the product.

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Working together with the engineering team of Ecolab was very dynamic and proactive, which was a key factor for the sustained progress of the project.

In a few months and after having conducted many tests with study models to check variables on ergonomics and communication, we managed to make the first prototype of the product that was presented at fairs and tested on real users.

The whole process of productive implementation took a great effort from the whole team, which worked with a strong emphasis on quality assurance with the suppliers involved and on the training of workers for the assembly of equipment.

The product achieved a fast introduction in the market, as both consumers and users found an international quality product with an excellent price-performance ratio and above all, an intuitive and easy-to-operate piece of equipment.

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