Portable Power

Totus Power, a startup incubated at Singularity Labs, Start-up Chile and supported by Impact Engine, contacted us to collaborate on the development of a device that take advantage of used electric car batteries to provide an energy storage solution for families and schools in low-income communities in developing countries.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
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The Problem

The problem Totus Power seek to address is the lack of access to clean solar power in developing countries because of expensive batteries. On the other-side, useful batteries from old electric vehicles (EV) are wasted by premature recycling.

Why can’t these batteries be used to solve the problem of energy access? That is the premise of Totus Power work.

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A low cost, portable, Lithium-Ion battery pack that can be endlessly replenished! Totus Power is building such a device (christened Jupiter6) from used electric vehicle (EV) batteries. These batteries still have sufficient capacity after their automotive life, but are now prematurely recycled.

The short term objective is to enable solar power access for families and schools in low-income communities in developing countries. Each unit of Jupiter6 charges via solar panels, or an AC adapter and can power many phones, tablets and lamps (Capacity: 300 Wh), replacing toxic lead acid batteries or kerosene lamps. Jupiter6 works like Lego, with the used EV battery and control electronics in separate sections that snap together. Thereby exhausted batteries can be easily replaced, and returned for recycling.

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