Kid-friendly communication

Okio, a startup incubated on Highway 1, contacted us to collaborate in the development of a wearable that connects parents and children in a simple, reliable and unobtrusive way.

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    I.D. Cristobal Papendieck
    I.D. Santiago Lopez
    I.D. Maximiliano Zunino
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Young children have no direct channel to communicate with their parents while they are away at school/activities. Parents surveyed would welcome the ability to exchange voice messages with their kids at any time during the day in a way that is unintrusive, safe and direct (without requiring intermediaries).

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Okio One is a wearable that links parents and children through a voice messaging system, using mobile data networks. The system is simple, intuitive and seeks to prevent the introduction of cell phone in small kids.

Cell phones generate addiction habits to screens, distort the attention and interposes in the typical activities that promote normal development of children.

The system is composed of a main module and a series of accessories that allows OKIO ONE to be adapted to different needs and tastes of the kids. The simplicity of its interface favors a targeted use, while also optimizes battery life for several days.

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